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Engineering is the process of applying technical knowledge to solve practical problems. Engineers add value to a product by improving its performance and reliability, making it safer, and reducing its cost.

Design is the process of adding value to materials by giving them a useful or visually pleasing form. Designers add value to a product by making it more beneficial and desirable to customers. They can also make a product easier to use or adapt it to appeal to a different market segment.

The differences that make a product more successful than its competitors are almost always due to superior engineering and design. A small investment in these services at the beginning of a project can add tremendous value to a product, making it far more profitable.

Engineering & Design Processes Supported
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Reverse Engineering

Smart Machines specializes in providing innovative design solutions for machinery and process equipment in a variety of industries worldwide. We have an in-depth understanding of the functionality, efficiency, economic, and safety design challenges you face in achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage within your market presence.

Our highly skilled engineers and designers have varied industry experience. We capitalize on our growing intellectual property to deliver customer specific value engineering, functionality, efficiency, economics, and safety to meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Concurrent with our design and engineering expertise we utilize our analytical skills and 3-D modeling expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers’ challenges.

The Design Process:

Step 1 - Machine Performance Design Criteria

Step 2 - Concept Development

Step 3 - Preliminary Design

Smart MachineTechnologies has been manufacturing machinery and process equipment to the toughest industry standards for over thirty years.  We excel at incorporating information gained from our research and development work into system designs. We are then able to combine our experience with the technology to provide our clients with the best solutions to their wide range of operational challenges.  We thrive on challenge and excel at solutions.

Focusing on your needs, Smart Machines’ development of your solution begins with our understanding of your operation, site condition, and the parameters which define your specific requirements and limitations. Our engineers survey your site and gather necessary data from your key personnel to quickly understand the specific aspects of your project and determine the desired performance requirements. Smart Machine then undertakes the design of the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your operation. The design team assigned to your project consists of talented engineers from a variety of disciplines: structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other specialized disciplines.  Our varied experience in combination with the ability to evaluate job specifics allows us to effectively combine proven technologies and innovative designs to provide you with an effective resolution for your business.

Custom machinery to fit your operations—anywhere in the world!

Working closely with the client, we start with a clear understanding of the process' performance specifications and expectations.  A specially selected team of experienced machine designers and constructors gather to brainstorm and develop possible solutions to meet your company’s needs. We focus on optimizing the efficiency of our equipment designs. Proven commercially available components and subassemblies are integrated into our designs wherever possible. We endeavor to integrate state of the art technologies into our work.  Project management establishes schedules and completion milestones to ensure our commitments are met and that applicable Performance Specifications are acceptable to our client.

Step 4 - Final Design

Step 5 - Fabrication

Step 6 - Assemble and Verification

Step 7 - Initial Start Up

Step 8 - Delivery Installation and Setup

Step 9 - Operator Training

Effective lines of communication between the client’s representatives and the Smart Machines design team are essential and are formally established. These channels are maintained during the entire process and are crucial for the success of the project.

xSmart Machines are experts in unique custom fabrication and build-to-print projects. Our facility, tools and skilled personnel make Smart Machines a leader as industrial fabrication specialists.


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